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Meggs' Page

I'm Meggs. Message me on AIM and I will most likely talk to you.

Regnen gegen die Winde des Lebens.
Yuhh, I'm Christian.
I enjoy being one.
No, I will not try to shove my beliefs down your throat.
Don't judge me until you do know me.
I'm not straight edge and most likely idc if you don't like it.
I lovelovelove Panda Bears :]
I love Monster.
I'm not the smartest and I'm prolly not one of the best looking people you know.
I try my best not to lie.
I use lines from movies and songs at times to explain how I feel.
Sometimes I'm afraid how to say how I really feel in person/on the phone.
When I get upset don't take my music away or get punched.
I have a love/hate relationship with my turtle.
I hate being told what to do by someone other than my family.
I hate when other ppl go through my room or clean it.
Yes, I'm in marching band.
I love it.
I let my friends answer the phone for me.
Sometimes it gets me into trouble though.
The littlest things make me bust out laughing.
I can talk alot about stupid shit when I get drunk/bored/nervous.
You get used to it.
IF you can do something to piss me off and then make me happy again within a few minutes you've got TALENT and my heart.
It pisses me off when ppl talk about sex too much.
I like being pale.
My hair is my personal joy.
I'm an ass person.
I hate when ppl ruin your fun time.
Sometimes I almost start laughing at bad times.
I like to sing at the TOP of my lungs.
Even if it sounds bad.
I tend to watch movies over and over and over again.
I love my Tripps and my boots.
I hate letting ppl down.
Though I might end up doing it.
I hate when ppl stop talking to me for no reason.
I may end up squealing out of nowhere for no reason.
You don't want to leave me alone in my room for too long, especially with scissors.
I get ideas easily and may come out looking different.
You may also find about 100 new pictures in my camera.
I love songs with alot of bass in them.
If you tell me long ass stories on the phone I may end up zoning out and not hearing half of it.
I would die without my eyeliner.

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